C provides us with some standard header files which are available easily. Common standard header files are: i) string.h - used for handling string functions. ii) stdlib.h - used for some miscellaneous functions. iii) stdio.h - used for giving standardized input and output. iv) math.h - used for mathematical functions.
A common convention in C programs is to write a header file (with .h suffix) for each source file (.c suffix) that you link to your main source code. The logic is that the .c source file contains all of the code and the header file contains the function prototypes, that is, just a declaration of which functions can be found in the source file ...
Oct 16, 2017 · Yes because C language depends on a set of 'foundation' functions without which you cannot do even the most basic of tasks. There are other programming languages which dont require header files compusorily, because you can define the functions yourself if you want. Header files were created to make your program shorter and easier to read. read less
Jul 01, 2021 · In C program should necessarily contain the header file which stands for standard input and output used to take input with the help of scanf () and printf () function respectively. In C++ program has the header file which stands for input and output stream used to take input with the help of “cin” and “cout” respectively.
Syntax of Header File in C. There are two ways to include a header file in your program:-. #include<headerFilename>. The header file is enclosed within angular brackets. This is the